Braiding Machine Capabilities at CHL

Coloured braiding is a technique used in automotive wire harness manufacturing that involves wrapping a coloured braid around a group of wires. This technique offers a number of benefits that make it an attractive option for many harness customers.

One of the primary benefits of coloured braiding is that it helps to improve the organization and visual appeal of wire harnesses. When wires are left unbraided, they can become tangled and difficult to work with, especially in large wire harnesses. By adding a coloured braid, manufacturers can easily differentiate between different wires/harnesses and identify which belong where. This makes it easier to install and troubleshoot wire harnesses, and it also makes the finished product look more professional (We can even colour-match most business brands!).

In addition to improving organization, coloured braiding provides added protection for wire harnesses. The braid helps to keep the wires together and prevents them from becoming damaged or frayed. This is especially important in automotive applications where wire harnesses are exposed to harsh environments and may be subjected to vibration and other physical stresses.

Coloured braiding can also be used to identify different types of wires within a wire harness. For example, a manufacturer might use a red braid to indicate power wires, a green braid to indicate ground wires, and a blue braid to indicate signal wires. This can be especially useful in large, complex wire harnesses where it can be difficult to differentiate between different types of wires.

Another benefit of coloured braiding is that it can be used to add a touch of style to wire harnesses. Many manufacturers offer a variety of colours and patterns, allowing customers to choose a braid that matches the aesthetic of their vehicle. This can be especially useful for custom car builds or aftermarket installations where the appearance of the wire harness is essential.

In summary, coloured braiding is a useful technique that offers a number of benefits for automotive wire harness manufacturing. It helps to improve the organization and visual appeal of wire harnesses provides added protection for wires and can be used to identify different types of wires and add a touch of style.

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